2018 iPad Lineup Said to Feature Face ID, no Home Button, and Reduced Bezels

Apple made a big splash on the smartphone market with its TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X, which allows for facial recognition and other end-user features.

And it sounds like the company is planning on bringing that technology to its iPad family next year. Bloomberg reports that Apple is now planning on bringing Face ID (the new biometric security measure introduced with the iPhone X) to the iPad lineup in 2018. That would line up with a previous rumor that suggested the same thing back in October.

Apple will be following the design cues put in place by the iPhone X in a lot of ways for the next wave of iPads, too, according to the report. That includes the removal of the physical Home button from the tablet. That will also make it possible to reduce the bezels on the device as well:

“By removing the home button, Apple plans to noticeably reduce the size of the edges on the top and bottom of the device for the first time since its introduction in 2010, bringing the design closer to that of the recently released flagship iPhone X. The new version will mark the first revamped look for the iPad since the first iPad Pro debuted in 2015.”

There are still elements within the iPhone X that won’t make the jump over to the iPad, though, if this report is accurate. Specifically, while Apple tries to get suppliers caught up on OLED displays with the iPhone X, the company will apparently not be adopting OLED panels for the iPad family just yet. The report indicates that they will continue to boast LCD screens.

If that isn’t enough, fans of the Apple Pencil apparently have something to look forward to as well. The report indicates that Apple is building a new version of the stylus, which will include “software tools” to broaden the accessories’ abilities. This new stylus and its features are currently in development alongside the new iPad family.

One last detail: Apple could launch the new iPad in September of next year. Specifically, Bloomberg states that Apple will launch the new iPad devices a little “more than a year” after Apple introduced the latest iPad Pro models. Those were announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June of last year, so a September event with new iPhones and iPads would certainly make sense.

Do you think the bezels on the iPad should be minimized?

[via Bloomberg]