2018 iPad Pro Renders Envision Minimized Bezels

The 2018 iPad Pro lineup is said to boast quite a few changes, taking design lessons from the recently launched iPhone X.

Earlier today, a report outlined that not only will Apple allegedly reduce the bezels in the iPad Pro lineup next year, but the company will also be introducing Face ID into the tablets, and drop the Home button as well. It won’t be adopting an OLED display just yet, however, so that’s one key element missing from the equation when compared to the iPhone X.

Still, there’s a lot to be excited about for iPad fans who have been hoping a redesign could be in the works. We’ve already heard in a separate report earlier this year that next year’s iPad Pro would feature the TrueDepth camera system that’s present in the iPhone X, so the inclusion of Face ID would certainly make sense.

The reduced bezels would go a long way to change the looks of the iPad Pro as well. And thanks to Benjamin Geskin, we have at least one vision of what an iPad Pro with minimized bezels would look like.

It’s hard to argue that the device offers plenty of display, but still has enough of a bezel design to make holding the table not an issue. The side bezels look like what Apple has already implemented on the current 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, with the top and bottom bezels getting the biggest reductions.

There’s no notch in sight, either. The larger space to work with makes the notch not necessarily a requirement, but there has been plenty of speculation that, at least on iPhones, that notch is meant to be a design decision to make the iPhone X (and future devices) stand out to onlookers. Will Apple adopt the design cue if they don’t necessarily have to? Should they?

These renders don’t go to as such an extreme as some others have in the past, either.

[via @VenyaGeskin1]