2018 iPhones Said to Feature ‘More Complex’ Metal Frames for Better Cellular Signal

The rumor mill is never quiet for long when it comes to Apple’s iPhone lineup. So, despite the fact the iPhone X hasn’t even reached a week’s availability, we’re already being subjected to rumors about next year’s devices.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new analysts note which aims to shed some light on what’s going to happen next year. This time around it’s about the metal frame that Kuo believes the next generation of iPhone will feature. Apple adopted a metal frame and glass-back design with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, so it’s likely to stick around for at least a few years.

To improve the formula a bit, Apple will apparently be using a “more complex” metal frame in the 2018 iPhone lineup, which will apparently grant the devices with better cellular signal transmission.

Here’s the important bit from the note:

“Orders for 2H18F iPhones are market focus; both Catcher and Casetek have won new orders. We believe the metal frame of 2H18F iPhone models will be composed of more parts (iPhone X has four parts) for improving data transmission quality. We believe Apple will need more metal frame and casing assembly capacity and new suppliers because of more complex metal frame design and casing assembly, while models equipped with AMOLED and stainless steel metal frame will increase to two (vs. only one — iPhone X — in 2H17). We expect Catcher will obtain stainless steel metal frame and casing assembly orders. If Casetek can pass certification in late 4Q17 or early 1Q18, it also may win aluminum metal frame and casing assembly orders.”

The rumor mill has already given us speculation about what kind of devices we may see next year, with a followup to the iPhone X to start, but also the introduction of an “iPhone X Plus” with a bigger display than the 5.8-inch screen that’s in the iPhone X. Both devices will probably use this new “more complex” metal frame, which is apparently going to be a stainless steel design.

We have a little under a year before Apple unveils new iPhones, but the months ahead will be filled with rumors trying to paint a pretty clear picture long before that happens.

[via MacRumors]