300+ iPhone X Units Stolen from San Francisco Apple Store

While eager customers from across the world are impatiently queuing up outside of Apple stores to get their hands on the device, three “husky” men broke into a UPS truck parked outside the Apple Store in San Francisco and stole 313 iPhone X units kept inside it.

The UPS truck was to deliver the 300+ iPhone X units to the store when this incident occurred. The total value of the stolen iPhones is estimated to be $370,000. Since Apple keeps a record of each and every iPhone X unit, the police report contained the serial number and description of all the stolen units making it one of the fattest police reports ever seen by Sgt. Paul Weggenmann.

As per the police report, the UPS driver had locked the cargo bay of the car while it was parked outside the Stonestown Galleria mall. A janitor spotted the suspects unloading the boxes and took a picture which should help the investigation.

Despite this robbery, a source confirmed that all customers who planned to pick up their pre-ordered iPhone X from the store will be able to do so on launch day.

The sheer demand for the iPhone X means that the robbers can make a killing by selling these 300+ stolen iPhone X units in the grey market. However, Apple can possibly also disable these stolen iPhone X units since it already has their serial number and other key details.

[Via CNet]