Amazon Prime Video Apple TV App Currently in Testing by Amazon Employees

Back in June of this year, Apple didn’t have a lot to announce in terms of software changes for the Apple TV. But it did announce the impending arrival of the Amazon Prime Video app for the set-top box.

At the time, Apple wasn’t willing to divulge any real details about the app’s arrival. All we were told was that it would arrive in the future, following plenty of requests from Apple TV owners over the years. Since then, the majority of reports about the app have been speculation about its launch date, with the most recent suggesting it could launch before the end of October.

That didn’t end up happening, and Apple TV owners have been left in the wind as far as a release date is concerned. In the meantime, Disney launched its Movies Anywhere platform, which meant that digital libraries across brands can now be shared, which would effectively let those movies purchased from Amazon Prime be accessed from other libraries (like iTunes or VUDU, for example). Still, that’s not access to Prime Video content that Prime subscribers pay for, and obviously want to access on their Apple TV set-top box.

AppleInsider has verified that the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV is currently being tested by some Amazon employees, and apparently has been in testing in some way or another since July of this year. Unfortunately, while the testing appears to have been going on for months, there is still no expectation for a launch right now.

A screenshot has supposedly been uploaded showing the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV, which does add some weight to the rumor. Still, it doesn’t get us any closer to a launch date, which previous reports have suggested is being held up due to some kind of corporate politics behind the scenes.

If you own an Apple TV, are you waiting for the Amazon Prime Video app to launch?

[via AppleInsider; Reddit]

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