App Store’s New ‘This Weekend Only’ Promotion Offers In-App Deals Across a Variety of Categories

Apple has launched a new promotion for the App Store, known as “This Weekend Only” which offers a variety of deals on a number of in-app services such as clothes, food, travel, and more. This promotion will appear every Thursday going forward, with more deals on a range of other categories. This is part of Apple’s all-new App Store which emphasizes curation of fresh content and content discovery.

The deal once made available on a Thursday will be valid till Sunday, so the users will have nearly four days to make full use of the benefits on offer. This week, apps like HotelTonight, Chipotle, Glasses by Warby Parker, Shoptiques, and Under Armour are offering promos and discounts on their products.

It is said that some of the apps are still not showing their respective promotions, so you might have to wait a bit for them to appear on the apps. In any case, be sure to download the apps below to get the exclusive weekend only benefits.



Glasses by Warby Parker


Under Armour

Here’s what Apple had to say on the new promo:

“Today, we’re kicking off a new way to save using your favorite apps. You’ll get great deals, available only through these apps, on everything from apparel to food delivery, hotel reservations to movie tickets.

To see the discounts, head to the Apps tab each Thursday. There you’ll find an app labeled “This Weekend Only” with an exclusively promotion that’s valid though Sunday.”

[Via 9to5Mac]