Apple is Giving Drake a Huge Opportunity for Original Content

Drake, a musical artist based out of Toronto, Canada, has huge aspirations beyond music, setting his sights on TV and movies.

In a huge profile of the artist-turned-producer-and-director, The Hollywood Reporter outlines the efforts that Drake is putting in to create new content, and even bring back some older stuff back to the forefront. Which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with Apple’s own efforts to get into this space, which includes upwards of $1 billion to get original content off the ground.

And some of that money is apparently ready for Drake, if he wants it. According to the report, Apple’s Jimmy Iovine has given Drake the green light to “produce whatever he chooses.”

“But the biggest indicator of Drake’s big Hollywood push is whom he is partnering with next: Steve Golin, who runs Anonymous Content (one of Hollywood’s hottest production houses and home of Spotlight and Mr. Robot), for an untitled TV series; film studio A24; and, perhaps most significantly, Apple, which has given him the go-ahead to produce whatever he chooses — at least, according to Jimmy Iovine — just as the cash-flush titan is poised to shake up the content space.”

Drake for his part is already moving forward with content he’s producing and revitalizing in some cases. That includes a British crime show called Top Boy, which is similar to the long-running and acclaimed The Wire. But while Apple is apparently leaving the door wide open for Drake to create whatever he wants, that’s not where Drake is going to settle.

The artist is also working with Netflix, and his new business venture is working in tandem with Steve Golin, who runs the production company Anonymous Content (which released Spotlight, and keeps up Mr. Robot for an upcoming and untitled TV project. He’s also working with the film production company A24 if that wasn’t enough.

Drake has proven himself in the world of rap and hip-hop, but it will be interesting to see what his film projects turn into. And considering Apple and Drake have worked together in the past, and with the door wide open for new content under Apple’s umbrella, one has to wonder what the artist will bring to the table for Apple to help it stand out in the original content space.

[via THR]

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