Apple is Fixing the Annoying Autocorrect Bug in iOS 11.2

Yesterday, Apple officially seeded the second developer beta of iOS 11.2. As part of the pre-release software, Apple apparently fixed a very annoying bug.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple has fixed the autocorrect bug tied into the stock iOS keyboard, which automatically inserts “A[?]” when they type in “I”. What started as a minor bug that only a few users were running into has become a very widespread issue. You can watch it pop up all over the place on social media, with the “A[?]” popping up in a lot of posts. Apple has also issued a workaround for now.

In the latest report, an Apple spokesperson told the publication that Apple will release a fix for the autocorrect bug “will be included in this week’s public and developer beta releases.” We’ve already seen that the developer beta of iOS 11.2 has been seeded, and the public beta should land within the public beta program this week as well.

“Nevertheless, Apple said it would patch the problem in an iOS update. “A fix will be released very soon,” an Apple spokeswoman said. It will be included in this week’s public and developer beta releases, with wide rollout to follow.”

As it stands right now, while Apple is fixing the issue, there isn’t a timeframe when it will actually rollout to a wider audience — where it is obviously most needed at this point. Considering this is only the second developer/public beta, though, it might be a few weeks until the official public launch happens.

If you are running into the issue, click right here for a means to fix it ahead of Apple’s own fix.

Have you run into the autocorrect bug?

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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