New 4K Drone Footage Shows Off Nearly Completed Apple Park

Apple Park has been under construction for quite some time, but the date of its completion is nearing.

In fact, Apple has already begun opening its doors in some instances. The company hosted its giant September event, where it unveiled the iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, and more at the brand new Steve Jobs Theatre on campus. And the site’s visitor center went live just recently as well. The new headquarters is gigantic, and a marvel to look at, especially from a camera on a drone.

YouTuber Matthew Roberts has posted a new video to the platform, showcasing the nearly completed Apple Park from a drone hovering above the new campus. The new 4K footage shows off the aforementioned visitor’s center, which is actually across the street from the spaceship main building.

In the new 4K footage we can see the carbon fiber roof of the visitor’s center, which was also used in abundance at the HQ proper. We also get up-close-and-personal looks at the new campus and its landscaping, as is par for the course with these types of videos. We can see that the majority of the landscaping is finished, and that the building itself is also practically complete at this point as well.

We can see that some landscaping is still needed, though, especially near the fitness center. However, it looks like Apple should be finalized with everything sometime in the early stages of next year. The company has already begun moving employees in, too, so it looks like Apple is more than ready to get things kicked off within its new Apple Park.

What do you think of Apple Park?

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