Apple Park’s Visitor Center to Open to the Public on November 17 [Update: Now Open]

Apple Park will open its Visitor Center to the public from November 17. Apple has invited all its employees and residents of Cupertino for the grand opening as well.

As a bonus, Apple has invited Cupertino residents a day before i.e. on November 16th to get a look at the campus. The preview event takes places from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and all local residents are required to carry an ID card which mentions their local address.

From November 17th, the Visitor Center in Apple Park will be open to the public. The Visitor Center includes an Apple Store which will sell exclusive products like Apple t-shirts, hats, bags etc. It will, however, not have the iPhone X for sale.

Located adjacent to the main campus, the Apple Park Visitor Center has been built for around $109 million. The building is an enormous 10,000 sq. ft structure with carbon-fibre roof and skylights. It houses an observatory deck from which the main building is visible, Caffe, exclusive Apple Store, an outdoor seating area, and more.

Update: The Apple Park Visitor Center is now open to the public.

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