Apple to Work with Indian Authorities on Anti-Spam App

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched a DnD or Do Not Disturb app last year on Android, allowing users to block spam numbers. The app couldn’t make its way to the App Store, however, with Apple raising concerns over privacy. But it seems like Apple has changed its mind with the company now looking to work with TRAI to develop this app.

It seems like a compromise has been struck between the two parties, although it might not be what TRAI wants. It is said that the new app, developed in accordance with Apple, will solve TRAI’s problems “to an extent”, suggesting that this might be an in-between solution.

Apple has offered to work with the authorities over its existing anti-spam feature built into Messages. But Apple is unwilling to allow access to user call logs. Apple remains firm on privacy, which suggests that the app probably won’t have complete (or any) access to the call logs.

Apple had discussions with TRAI’s technical staff in October and decided to offer help in developing this app. There’s no word on when this app will hit the App Store, although the wait shouldn’t be too long. It will be interesting to see how the app will perform, especially given Apple’s stringent privacy policies. An anti-spam app with no access to call logs will somewhat hinders its ability to function accordingly.

[Via Reuters]

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