Apple Working with TSMC To Mass Produce Micro-LED Displays

A new DigiTimes report claims that Apple is working closely with TSMC to solve various manufacturing issues that are preventing it from mass producing micro-LED display panels. The Cupertino company plans on using this next-generation display technology in future versions of the Apple Watch.

Apple has also downsized the team working on Micro-LED, though that does not mean the company has given up on the technology or its development. The report cites that this could also mean that the R&D of Micro-LED displays has been shifted back to Apple’s headquarters in the US and out of LuxVue office in Taiwan. Apple had gotten its hands on the Micro LED technology when it acquired LuxVue Technology in 2014.

The slow progress in the development of the mass transfer technology is believed to impede related panel makers from realizing volume production of Micro-LED panels in the short term, and therefore persuading Apple to realign the personnel of the Micro LED team, said the sources.

Micro-LED displays offer higher brightness, better contrast ratio, faster response times, and a longer lifespan when compared to OLED panels. Micro LED panels are also thinner than that of OLED which makes them ideal for use in smartphones and wearable devices. This makes them an ideal technology to replace OLED down the line. Apple is also looking to develop Micro LED displays for wearable devices and AR/VR apps.

Previous reports have claimed that Apple could make the switch to Micro LED displays with the 2018 Apple Watch and by 2019 on the iPhones. However, Apple’s plans can only come to fruition once it is able to successfully produce mass produce Micro LED panels without running into any issues.

[Via DigiTimes]

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