Apple’s Offices in South Korea Raided Ahead of iPhone X Launch

Apple iPhone X

Ahead of the iPhone X launch in South Korea tomorrow, Apple’s offices in the country were raided by regulators. Given that South Korea is home to Samsung and the company has strong ties with the government, the move is being seen by many as a move to potentially jeopardize Apple’s launch plans.

The iPhone X went up for pre-order in South Korea on November 24 where it sold out within a few minutes.

As a part of the raid, the regulators asked Apple about its business practices. As per a source, the raid was a part of the ongoing investigation against Apple for unfair contracts with South Korean firms on repairing iPhones and other devices. This is not the first time that Apple’s office in South Korea has been raided. The previous raid occurred in 2015 on suspicion of the company’s unfair business practices.

The Korea Trade Fair Commission has been frequently accused of favouring Samsung and other local companies against foreign firms like Apple. In 2015, when it was revealed that Apple had 33 percent of the smartphone market share in South Korea, the FTC launched a task force to find out if foreign companies were hurting local smartphone market or not. Apple, in particular, has frequently been targeted by the Korean regulators for its ‘unfair’ business practises.

[Via Metro UK]

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