Asking Siri About the Weather Causing Apple Watch to Respring

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A new bug has been discovered in watchOS which causes resprings on the Apple Watch Series 3 when one asks Siri about the weather. The feature used to work just fine until a few days ago so it is likely it is being caused by the latest watchOS update, a server-side change from Apple or DST.

Asking Siri anything about the weather of the current day, including the temperature, will lead to the Apple Watch Series respringing. The issue also affects both LTE and non-LTE variants of the Apple Watch Series 3. However, asking questions relating to the weather for the next day does not seem to cause any issues. Even the weather app on the smartwatch is working without any visible issues.

Below is the exact problem as described by MacRumors forum member SRLMJ23:

It is not rebooting, it is spring-boarding. The App (Siri or Weather?) is crashing but not the entire watchOS. Just time how long it takes for a reboot vs. spring-boarding. Spring-boarding takes way less time than an entire reboot.

However, this bug appeared today because yesterday everything was working fine when I asked Siri “What is the forecast for today” or “What is the temperature right now.”

I am sure Apple will fix this pretty quick!

I have an Apple Watch Series 3 + LTE/GPS. Very odd bug, cannot wait to see what Apple has to say about this.

The bug only seems to affect Apple Watch owners living in the United States, Canada, and Europe as users in other parts of the world are able to ask Siri the same question without any issues. Most likely, the issue is being caused by DST so the problem should either automatically fix itself after the time change. If not, now that the problem has received media attention, Apple will likely fix it as soon as possible.

[Via MacRumors]

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