Corephotonics is Suing Apple for the Dual Cameras in iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

Apple is no stranger to legal actions being brought against it, and now it’s seeing it all over again due to the cameras in recent iPhones.

The lawsuit was brought against Apple earlier this week, as first reported by MacRumors. It originates from the Israel-based Corephotonics, but the lawsuit was registered in San Jose, California. According to the company, Apple has violated patents that were filed by the company back in 2013, especially those pertaining to dual-aperture digital zoom cameras, as well as a pair of patents tied to miniature telephoto lens assemblies and high-resolution multi-aperture imaging systems.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple and Corephotonics were speaking in the goal of reaching a partnership. While Apple “praised” the technology on offer from the company, according to AppleInsider, they refused a license, and apparently “expressed contempt” over the patent filings that were held by Coretophonics.

“Corephotonics CEO David Mendlovic was informed that it would take “years and millions of dollars in litigation” before Apple might have to pay anything to the startup. A quick scan of the U.S. patents database shows well over a thousand patents in the system related to dual-lens digital camera arrays, with a number of them attributed to Apple.”

As it stands right now, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus are both named in the lawsuit. The iPhone X isn’t brought into the mess yet, but considering the camera system is the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, it’s likely it will be included in the mix soon. Apple has not responded to the lawsuit filed against it yet, either, and it’s not known when the next move will be made on Apple’s part.

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