Designer Envisions Mac mini Concept with Touch Bar, Face ID and More

Mac mini Concept

The Mac mini has been around for a long time. It’s a powerful device capable of offering desktop like convenience without the bulk of the full blown Mac. It’s been nearly three years since the company updated the lineup, with Apple hinting at the revival of the lineup. A design student named Louis Berger has come up with a concept, calling it the “Taptop Computer Concept”, showing a revamped Mac mini complete with modern features like Face ID, Touch Bar and more.

The Mac mini concept here consists of a cylindrical bar, very similar to the Beats Pill in appearance, consisting all the hardware required to run the system. This “taptop” features a Touch Bar accompanied by a Face ID sensor. The device is angled specifically to allow Face ID detection, which is a clever design idea. The back of this taptop features all the essential ports required to connect your peripherals.

Berger even envisions Face ID to automatically detect the user’s presence and turn on Mac, which could prove to be a handy feature, if implemented. The Touch Bar is capable of all functions including Handoff and dock accessibility.

This is an innovative concept, no doubt, but unlikely to be implemented by Apple given certain hardware restrictions. With Face ID hardware reportedly hard to come by, Apple could find itself in a tough spot. But with that being said, there’s no reason why a Mac mini cannot feature a Touch Bar.

What do you make of this concept? Share your thoughts below.

[Via Louis Berger]

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