Developer Digs into Animoji API to Create a Standalone App with Longer Recording Duration


The iPhone X is now on sale (sparingly) in several countries. Those who have frequented social media sites since last Friday will be aware of all the Animoji related content that’s being posted online. The feature is limited to the iPhone X, however, and is only available on iMessage, allowing users to create and send 10 second Animoji clips.

A developer named Simon B. Støvring has managed to lift this restriction somewhat by creating a separate Animoji app for the iPhone X. The app has been built using private Animoji APIs used by Apple.

The app allows users to create Animoji outside iMessage while bumping the recording time to 20-seconds. iMessage only offers 10-seconds worth of Animoji recordings. The developer claims that he plans to increase the length of the recordings further in subsequent updates.

The app, known as SBSAnimoji, can be found on Github and will have to be sideloaded onto your iPhone X using an Apple Developer Account.

For those wondering, the app will probably never see the light of the day on the App Store, mainly since Animoji APIs aren’t open for third-party use. However, it is hoped that the success of this app will encourage Apple to open up the APIs, allowing developers to come up with more creative versions of Animoji.

iPhone X users have expressed frustration on how Animoji cannot be shared outside iMessage. Some have found a workaround by using the screen recording feature on iOS 11 to record Animoji clips.

Download → SBSAnimoji (Github)

[Via @simonbs]