Facebook Bringing Messenger Payments to the UK

Messenger Payments

Facebook’s peer-to-peer payments service is coming to the UK in the next few weeks, the social media giant said. The feature is currently limited to customers in the U.S., and this will be the first time Facebook is making it available outside the region. This could pave the way for more regions to get it in the coming months.

The company will join forces with a number of banks and financial institutions to make the feature available in the region. To use Messenger payments, both parties need to have a debit or credit card linked with the app. Facebook mentions that its decision to bring Messenger payments to the UK was influenced by the presence of “mobile-savvy consumers” in the region.

The company also announced the arrival of a feature known as M suggestions, a virtual assistant which will offer suggestions to use the new in-app payments feature whenever users are discussing payments or money in their conversations. One of the primary rivals for Facebook in the region will be Paym, which allows customers to transact between each other using only their mobile numbers. Facebook will have no trouble creating a buzz around its offering, though, thanks mainly to the millions of users accessing its platform regularly.

Messenger payments was launched back in 2015, although its presence was confirmed in 2014. The company claims that a large number of the customers make payments under $50 on the app. The company has failed to specify a launch date for the arrival of Messenger payments in the UK, although the update should be live in a couple of weeks from now.

Update: The service will make its way to France as well.

[Via BBC]

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