Facebook Launches ‘Local’ Standalone App to Show Local Recommendations From Your Friends

Almost exactly one year ago to the date, Facebook launched an app called “Events,” which was designed to give you a preview of events happening in your neck-of-the-woods.

Apparently that app wasn’t as successful as Facebook hope’d it would. When it announced the app, it said that 100 million people used the default Events app inside the stock Facebook app, which apparently justified the standalone app’s launch. Turns out it didn’t work out that way, so Facebook is back with another shot, changing up the formula just a bit.

Facebook officially announced a new standalone app, taking the place of Events, but this one’s called “Local.” It will keep the focus on your network, bringing in information from the friends, family members, and (probably a few) acquaintances on your social network. That includes reviews and recommendations. The idea is to broaden the scope, expanding from just events to include restaurants and other business around you, and showing reviews and suggestions from your network.

Local is also similar to the Events app in that it is just another feature that is already present in the stock Facebook app. But, like so many other things within the Facebook app, it might be too buried to actually get any face time with users. That might explain why Facebook believes it needs another standalone app, instead of just tinkering with the built-in local features in its app.

Local is a free download and it’s available beginning today for both iOS and Android. A link to download it is available below.


  • Local by Facebook — Free

[via The Verge]