iMac Pro to Possibly Feature Mobile Connectivity for Advanced Theft Protection Feature

Apple might possibly be looking to include some kind of mobile connectivity on the upcoming iMac Pro for advanced theft protection. The details were revealed by Piker Alpha after digging into the iMac Pro’s EFI firmware. 

With a starting price tag of $4,999, the iMac Pro is an expensive piece of machinery that can cost upwards of $15,000 when configured with the best available specs. Considering the price and the small factor of theft being involved, Apple is probably looking to include a “Find my iPhone” like functionality on the iMac Pro. There will be no way to turn off this feature and while the report does not mention anything, it is possible that this functionality will be powered by the A10 Fusion coprocessor that Apple plans on including in the iMac Pro. This way, the ‘Find my iMac Pro’ functionality would work even when the device is turned off or sleeping.

The report also says that its possible the mobile connectivity could be used by Apple on the iMac Pro to make phone calls. Or the references to mobile connectivity could just be leftover bits from iOS.

The iMac Pro is a ‘pro’ variant of the iMac aimed at professionals and graphic designers. It will make use of Intel’s Xeon CPUs, feature up to 128GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and AMD’s Vega GPU. With the iMac Pro, Apple is hoping to please professionals who have long been complaining about the lack of a pro machine from Apple for their demanding workload. Apple had originally unveiled the iMac Pro at WWDC earlier this year but a full announcement is expected to occur early next month.

[Via Pike Alpha]

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