Some iOS 11 Users Experiencing Predictive Text Bug That changes ‘I’ to ‘A[?]’

A bug has been discovered within iOS 11 by some users, this one tied to predictive text and just a single letter.

According to a growing number of iOS 11 users, as well as some on Macs using predictive text thanks to iCloud, there is a bug that is causing the input of “I” to immediately suggest “A[?]” as an alternative. The autocorrect isn’t even close, obviously, so anyone who lets autocorrect cure any typos as they speed across the iOS keyboard might take issue with a nonsensical combination being inserted into their conversation.

Unfortunately at this time, it’s not known what is causing the bug. And while the number of users being troubled by the problem appears to be growing, it looks like it’s not a widespread issue just yet. Some of those users who have been affected by the predictive text bug have suggested that it could be due to emoji. As some have pointed out, there is an unknown “i” character appearing in the recently used emoji list.

A simple fix does not appear to be in the cards right now, other than turning off predictive text altogether. Using a third-party keyboard is also an option, as it does not look like the problem persists there. It appears the issue is present for users using iOS 11.0.3 and iOS 11.1.

According to the original report, one affected user spoke with Apple Customer Support and was informed that the company is aware of the bug and that they are currently working on a fix. Apple is currently testing iOS 11.2, so it’s possible a fix for this particular issue is included in that software when it officially launches to the public at some point in the future.

Have you experienced this bug?

[via MacRumors]