Apple Promoting the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as Part of Urban Sketcher’s 10th Anniversary

The iPad Pro, along with the Apple Pencil, has become a powerful tool for creative types, especially artists.

And in an effort to promote the tablet’s premiere feature set, Apple is also highlighting the tenth anniversary of Urban Sketchers. For those who aren’t aware, Urban Sketchers is a group of artists that live all around the world, but who come together in selected cities to draw together on-site.

There are a variety of artists that Apple is promoting along with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, including Rob Sketcherman, whose art you can see at the top of this article. Other artists include Don Low out of Singapore, Omar Jamarillo out of Berlin, and Uma Kelkar out of San Francisco.

“Artists and visual storytellers in the Urban Sketchers community are using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to capture the vibrancy and culture of the cities they live in and visit. Artists including San Francisco’s Uma Kelkar, Hong Kong’s Rob Sketcherman, Singapore’s Don Low and Berlin’s Omar Jamarillo say iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are a natural fit for drawing on location thanks to the mobility, flexibility and range of tools they provide.”

As is par for the course with these types of highlights, Apple includes short profiles of each artist, which you can see through the source link below. In each case, the artists talk about how the iPad Pro (and Apple Pencil) have helped them out with creating their next pieces.

Here’s what Sketcherman has to say about the tools Apple has created:

“The flexibility [iPad Pro] offers fuels experimentation with line, texture and look, allowing any number of iterations. It’s also very forgiving, expelling all fear of the dreaded blank page and of potentially ‘ruining sketchbooks’ in case an experiment goes awry.”

What’s more, Apple is also hosting artwork showcases and workshops for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil at Apple community sites (also known as Apple Stores) in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Berlin. You can sign up for one of those classes through this link.

[via Apple]