Apple Publishes ‘What’s a Computer’ iPad Pro Ad

The iPad Pro is a powerful device, with plenty of features and accessories to make it stand out.

And Apple has not been shy about positioning the most powerful of its tablet options as an alternative to a computer. Whether that’s a Windows- or macOS-based machine, the company sees the iPad Pro, with its Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and the iOS software, as a legitimate alternative.

So, in an effort to help sell that point, Apple has its line of ads for the iPad Pro that aim to show off what it can do, partly due to the software, the features, and the accessories that owners can take advantage of. In the latest ad, “What’s a computer?” Apple asks the question and answers it by showing off the Apple Pencil, the iOS 11 dock, the Smart Keyboard, the camera, and more.

Here’s how Apple describes the ad:

“With iPad Pro + iOS 11, a post-PC world may be closer than you think.”

The ad features the song “Go,” by Louis The Child, and we watch a teen as they use the iPad Pro and a variety of accessories and features as their go-to daily driver for all their needs. At the end of the ad we can hear the mother ask, “What are you doing on your computer,” to which the iPad Pro user says, “What’s a computer?”

The ad runs just over a minute, and you can watch it below.

Do you own an iPad Pro?