iPhone X Launch Greeted with Very Long Lines Across the World

With the iPhone X launching in more than 55 countries across the globe today, Apple Stores from across the world are seeing hundreds of customers queue up outside the store to get their hands on the device on launch day itself.

This is in stark contrast to the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from last month where there was hardly any consumer interest and hardly anyone queued up outside Apple Store on launch day.

In Apple’s retail store in Orchard Road, Singapore, the line stretched to hundreds of people and the store employees had to periodically come out and make sure the crowd was under control. Some people had started queuing up outside the store from as early as Wednesday. Others who queued up came prepared to queue overnight to ensure they were among the first few to get their hands on the iPhone X on launch day.

Similar lines were visible outside major Apple stores in parts of Australia and Sydney where the iPhone X will first go on sale. Not all people queueing up were there to get their hands on the iPhone X. Some wanted to cash in on the hype by getting the device and then selling it for a premium in the grey market.

As if this was not already enough, many people are even ready to pay someone to queue up for them outside major Apple retail stores in malls just to ensure they get their hands on the iPhone X when it launches in their country.


Initially, due to supply issues, there were doubts as to whether Apple would even have the iPhone X for its walk-in customers on launch day or not. However, the company announced last week that the device would be available for walk-in customers on launch day, though it encouraged them to arrive early.

Are you waiting in a queue outside your local Apple store to ensure you get your hands on the iPhone X today itself? If yes, do share a photo of the queue and the whole experience with us.

[Via Channel News Asia, Twitter]