iPhone X Launches in Brazil, Colombia and Chile Next Month

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

Apple will be launching the iPhone X in Latin American countries in early December. This includes Colombia, Chile, and Brazil where the handset will be available through selected carriers and authorised resellers.

Thanks to the various government policies in Brazil and high import duties, the iPhone X will cost 6,999 Brazilian reals ($2200) when it launches in the country on December 8. Apple will also have the iPhone X on display in two of its own retail stores in Brazil: VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro and Morumbi in São Paulo. Due to the insane official prices, the iPhone X (and other iPhones) are widely purchased by customers in Brazil through the grey market channel where they can get it for a far cheaper price.

While the iPhone X will launch in Colombia on December 1 and in Chile on December 7, Apple is yet to reveal the prices of the handset in the two countries.

Apple launched the iPhone X in 56 countries on November 3 after it started accepting pre-orders for the handset from October 27. It expanded the handset’s availability to a few more countries later in November. Despite initial reports of the iPhone X being hard to manufacture, Apple has managed to keep the demand-supply imbalance at reasonable levels. In the US, Europe, and the UK, the company even improved the shipping times of the handset to 1-2 weeks just before Thanksgiving.

[Via MacRumors]

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