iPhone X Owners Are Complaining About Wasted Space Below the Keyboard

iPhone X Keyboard

It’s week one of life with iPhone X and some early adopters (and reviewers) are still getting used to the new gestures and UI elements. Recently, some early adopters have taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain about the wasted space below the keyboard on the new iPhone.

The iPhone X features some blank space between the Home indicator and the bottom row of the keyboard. Apple has added the Globe button and the Dictation button on either side of the Home indicator. When you first look at it, all that space does look jarring. And instantly, one can imagine all the ways Apple could have filled it up.

Nicole Nguyen at Buzzfeed sums it up the best:

It’s when the keyboard, in any app, is on screen (which, for me, is most of the time): There’s all this dead space on the bottom, where Apple could have put common punctuation, frequently used emojis, or literally anything, but instead left it blank. Other full-screen apps on other phones put navigation or other design elements in that area, and it doesn’t look crowded or crammed. It looks fine. It’s puzzling why Apple didn’t put something more useful down at the bottom, or why it didn’t add a row of numbers or emojis up top and push down the keyboard to make it more thumb-accessible.

Alex Muench, a UI/UX designer created a mockup of what it would look like if the space below the keyboard was filled with emojis, like with Touch bar on the Mac. Instead of emojis, Apple could also add shortcuts like copy, paste, bold, underline and more (like the landscape keyboard on the Plus sized iPhones).

The reason it’s empty? Ergonomics. With the previous iPhones, there was a big chin between the screen and the bottom edge of the iPhone. This time, it’s just a thin, rounded bezel. If you’re holding your phone with two fingers, where the bottom of the phone is cupped in the palm of your hands, reaching the absolute bottom of edge of the iPhone, every couple of seconds could be straining.

And as you can see in the mockup above, it can get pretty crowded up there. Especially because the Home indicator is a gesture area that’s used for multiple gestures like going to Home, App Switcher and the ever so tricky, Reachability.

John Gruber talked to one of his “little birdies” and confirmed that this design decision was made for typing comfort.

Did you get your iPhone X yet? What do you think of the new keyboard design and layout? Share with us in the comments below.

[Via: MacRumors]

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