iPhone X Shipping Estimates Improve to 1 to 2 Weeks Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

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When iPhone X went up for pre-order, the shipping estimates quickly slipped to 5-6 weeks due to unprecedented demand. If that was a deal-breaker then the good news is that the shipping estimates have improved to 1-2 weeks in U.S. and Canada just in time for the shopping season.

It also means that if you had pre-ordered iPhone X and had got shipping estimates in the middle or end of December then you should get your iPhone X unit soon.

The shipping estimates have been steadily improving, but 1-2 weeks is the best we have seen since the iPhone X went on sale. However, the shipping estimates in Europe and other parts of the world are still 2-3 weeks. I am assuming these will improve soon as well.

During the earnings call earlier in the month, Apple CEO Tim Cook had stated that the demand for iPhone X had exceeded the company’s expectation and they were ramping up iPhone X production week by week so that it can deliver the new iPhone to customers as soon as possible.

There have been reports that the delay was due to yield issues with the 3D sensing modules used in iPhone X’s TrueDept camera system that is used for Face ID. But Apple seems to have resolved the yield issues. To improve production, Apple’s supply partner Foxconn had also reportedly converted some of its iPhone 8 production lines to manufacture the iPhone X as the smaller iPhone 8 model was seeing weak demand.

Let us know if you have got your iPhone X unit sooner than the initial shipping estimates.

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