MacPaw Black Friday Deals on CleanMyMac 3, Gemini, Hider 2, CleanMyPC

MacPaw makes some of the best apps for keeping your Mac fresh. CleanMyMac is the one-click maintenance tool for Mac (there’s also a PC version now). Gemini 2 is great at finding duplicate items using its intelligent engine. Hider 2 is a reliable way to keep your data private. If you’ve been on the lookout for acquiring any of the MacPaw apps, today is a great day because they’re all on sale for Black Friday!


CleanMyMac - Free Up Disk

If you have a Mac with a 128 GB SSD, you kind of need this app. CleanMyMac runs in the background and suggests things you can do to increase your Mac’s performance and free up space. You can run its one-click cleaner program that scans your entire drive and removes cache files, old documents, and more. You can safely uninstall apps as well.

If you also have a PC, you can try using MacPaw’s CleanMyPC app.

Gemini 2

gemini find remove duplicate files 2

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I run Gemini. I expected it to be a simple tool that just finds duplicates based on the same name. But it’s so much more. Gemini’s intelligent engine can identify similar files based on its contents. This works great for photos. Even if they don’t have the same name or creation date.

If you have a couple of GBs of photos, I recommend you run Gemini at least once.

Hider 2

Hider 2

Hider 2 is a sophisticated tool for encrypting data on your Mac. It uses AES-256 encryption and your files are of course password protected. What’s awesome about Hider 2 is that it works on external hard drives as well! Hider 2 is a great way to protect sensitive files. Or anything you deem to be personal. Hider’s UI is pixel perfect so browsing through all the protected items and even organizing them (using tags) is a breeze.

MacPaw Black Friday Deals

MacPaw is offering a 30% discount on its entire suite of products for Black Friday. The offer is available only for today so grab the deal now.

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