ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti Cydia Repositories Shut Down

ModMy Cydia Repository

ModMy announced a few days back that it is archiving its ModyMyi repository on Cydia, the unofficial App Store for jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. ModyMyi has been one of the default repositories on Cydia, which allowed jailbreak app, tweak, and theme developers to host their packages.

Dennis Bednarz, editor of ModMy wrote:

It’s a sad day indeed. We, unfortunately, have to announce that the ModMyi Cydia Repository has been archived and won’t be taking any new packages.

Bednarz goes on to clarify that jailbreakers will still be able to access all your packages which they had previously purchased or downloaded and even those which they haven’t. So everything will work the way it used to, however, jailbreak developers won’t be able to upload new packages. ModMy is recommending developers to host their packages on BigBoss repository.

Optimo, the maintainer of BigBoss repository has stated that “things are tough” but has confirmed that they will continue to host and accept new and old packages. He has also announced that they will be accepting themes again. He has posted a detailed article on reddit explaining the state of the jailbreak repositories.

The lack of jailbreak tools for the latest iOS software updates seems to be making it unviable to keep running the Cydia repositories. Bednarz said in a statement that “the costs of running the repository have been higher than estimated and it kept growing”. ZodTTD/MacCiti, another popular repository for themes and tweaks also shut down a few weeks back.

Are you disappointed to see some of Cydia’s default repositories shut down? Please share your comments about the state of the jailbreak in the comment section below.

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