Mozilla Releases Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’ With Major Speed Improvements and Other New Features

Mozilla today released Firefox 57 a.k.a Firefox Quantum. Based on a completely overhauled core and a revamped design, Firefox Quantum has been built from the ground up to deliver a speedy browsing experience while consuming a limited amount of resources. Mozilla is calling Quantum the biggest update to the browser since its original release in 2004.

How fast you ask? Mozilla says Firefox 57/Quantum is up to 30 percent faster than Google Chrome and up to 2x times faster than Firefox 52.

The browser now also comes with a new CSS engine called Stylo that takes better advantage of today’s devices featuring multi-core processors to deliver a faster and smoother browsing experience. Firefox will now automatically prioritize active tabs over inactive ones for better resource management. Mozilla claims that its approach to multiple processes is different and superior from that of Chrome.

Below is what Mozilla engineer David Bryant has to say about Quantum and what makes it so special:

The central advancement for Project Quantum was parallelism, the benefits of which we’d seen with Servo, our high-performance browser engine project. The clear throughput and performance advantages of Servo convinced us we could create a new web rendering engine for Firefox with unprecedented security and responsiveness.

Servo unlocks your machine to give you the best web experience using modern techniques to take full advantage of today’s hardware. A large part of that is because we built it leveraging Rust, a safe and fast programming language pioneered at Mozilla to do a better job utilizing today’s multi-core processors. With Rust you get speed, memory safety and parallelism under its aptly true tagline of “Fearless Concurrency.”

The new UI dubbed Photon has also been done to take advantage of high DPI displays and to offer a seamless experience irrespective of the device one uses Firefox on. Then, there is also native Pocket integration in the browser which displays article recommendations from Pocket right alongside your most visited pages.

A new Tracking Protection feature similar to one introduced by Apple in Safari with macOS High Sierra helps reduce page loading times by 44 percent while also preventing websites from unnecessarily tracking your browsing behaviour. Other features include a new built-in tool for taking screenshots, synced tabs, support for WebVR, and more.

Download: Firefox

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