Poll: Which iPhone X Model Did You Buy?

The iPhone X finally made its way into the hands of customers starting this Friday. Despite the hype and production issues, Apple managed to ensure there was more than adequate supply for the handsets across the world.

Early reports suggest that the iPhone X is the biggest iPhone launch ever in Apple’s history surpassing even the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Early response to the device has also been overwhelmingly positive with customers liking the bezel-less design, Face ID working as advertised, and a great dual-camera setup.

At $999 for the 64GB variant, the iPhone X is definitely not cheap. The 256GB variant is even more costly and costs a staggering $1,149. These prices were previously unheard of for a smartphone but Apple being Apple has made hoards of people rush to the store to buy such an expensive smartphone.

In fact, a report even states that the high price of the iPhone X is going to negatively affect sales of other retailers and items during the holiday season. So, how much money did you blow on the iPhone X and which variant did you go for? And while you are at it, let us know the color you went for as well by taking part in our poll below.