Poll: Do You Prefer Face ID to Touch ID?

Apple iPhone X

Face ID is one of the key new highlights of the iPhone X. Apple is so confident about the facial recognition prowess of Face ID that it did not bother putting a Touch ID scanner on the iPhone X. The move was initially met with a lot of scepticism as most consumers were worried about just how secure and reliable Face ID was going to be.

The whole benefit of Face ID is that you can unlock your iPhone X by simply looking at it. In perfect situations, an iPhone X owner would not even realise and their phone would be unlocked. The whole process would be seamless and without any friction or user input. In comparison, with Touch ID, one has to put their thumb on the scanner to unlock the device. While the whole process took a fraction of a second, it was still a step that one had to take to unlock their device.

The problem with Face ID, however, is that it is not reliable. While Touch ID has an impeccable accuracy rate irrespective of the situation you use your phone in, Face ID might fail in bright sunlight and other similar scenarios where the sensor is overwhelmed with light. Additionally, for Face ID, a user still needs to pick their device up to unlock it which was not the case with Touch ID.

Now that the iPhone X is out though and most users have experienced using Face ID on a daily basis in real life, what do you feel about it? Do you think its better than Touch ID? Or do you wish that Apple goes back to including Touch ID on future iPhones?