Sprint Will Begin Offering Free Hulu Service With Its Unlimited Plan on November 17

Earlier this year, T-Mobile made news by offering a free Netflix subscription for some of its wireless customers.

So, to change things up, Sprint decided that it would use a different streaming platform to entice new customers, and gift existing customers. Today, Sprint officially announced that it will bundle a Hulu subscription as part of its Unlimited Freedom plan. Specifically, Sprint and Hulu will be offering the latter platform’s “Limited Commercials” option, so you’ll still have some commercials to sift through while watching some content.

This is the $7.99 per month basic plan, and customers are allowed “one Hulu Limited Commercials plan per eligible Sprint account.” It looks like Sprint customers will have to opt into the new plan feature, too, and they’ll have to do it on Sprint’s website.

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom costs $60 per month for a single line, and that includes streaming at 1080p HD on the mobile network. And while T-Mobile’s deal with Netflix was mentioned above, they are not the only wireless carrier to offer this sort of deal. AT&T, for instance, offers a free subscription to HBO. Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless has its own go90 streaming service, but, compared to the other options, it doesn’t really stack up.

The new bundle with Hulu for free will become available for new and existing Sprint customers beginning Friday, November 17.

If you are not a Sprint customer, will this sort of bundle win you over? Or are you more likely to opt for T-Mobile and its Netflix bundle?

[via Sprint]