Tim Cook Talks About iPhone X Demand, Pre-Orders and More

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Apple’s latest quarterly earnings revealed a strong three months, but, of course, that period of time didn’t include the launch of the iPhone X — which happens on Friday, November 3.

That didn’t stop folks from asking Apple’s CEO questions about the incoming flagship smartphone. While Cook and Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, were on the phone following up on Appel’s quarterly earnings report, the two fielded several questions about the upcoming smartphone. That included one about iPhone X pre-orders, and how they were shaping up. Specifically, if Cook could elaborate on the breakdown between models, to better gauge which unit was being pre-ordered more than the others.

Cook, unsurprisingly, wasn’t willing to talk about the details. He did say, however, that pre-orders for the iPhone X are “very strong,” and reminded those on the call that Apple doesn’t particularly enjoy breaking down model-by-model pre-orders:

“We never go through mix, but I would share with you that iPhone X orders are very strong for both direct customers and carriers channels throughout the world. We couldn’t be more excited to get underway.”

Cook was also asked about supply and demand, and when the CEO believes that both of those things might balance out in the future. Cook said that production is going well, and that ramp up is happening on a week-by-week basis. However, while all of that is looking positive, there’s no way to tell when it will all balance out:

“The ramp for iPhone X is going well, especially considering it being the most advanced iPhone created. Really happy we’re able to increase week-by-week outputs. Going to get as many of them as possible to customers as soon possible. I can’t predict when that balance will happen.”

Cook was asked if the lineup for iPhones might be too grand at this point, considering there are more models to choose from on the market than ever before. But Cook has a positive outlook on the landscape:

“We had good success through the different iPhones. We’ve tried hard to have an iPhone that is as affordable as possible for people who really want an iPhone and may have a more limited budget. And we’ve got three new iPhones and people will look at these and decide which they want.”

All-in-all, Cook, as expected, is excited about the upcoming launch of the iPhone X. Indeed, Apple has forecasted huge revenue gains in the next quarterly earnings report, which will include the launch and weeks after of the iPhone X.

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