U.S. Trade Commission Launches Probe to Determine if Apple Infringed on Several Patents

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Apple is no stranger to patent infringement cases, on both sides of the situation, but this latest report covers a much larger issue.

Reuters reports today that the United States International Trade Commission has instigated a probe into allegations over Apple patent infringement. According to the report, several Apple products are part of the probe, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, and Mac. In each case, it appears that it’s only specific models within each product family.

“The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Tuesday it had launched an investigation into allegations of patent infringement by Apple Inc on various devices.”

The report indicates that the investigation into Apple was instigated by a pair of companies: Strategic Technology Partners and Aqua Connect, both out of Orange County, California. This specific firm actually sued Apple back in October of this year over certain features within macOS, but, this report indicates that the U.S. ITC’s probe goes beyond that.

This is actually another ITC investigation of Apple’s practices. The first, which was initiated earlier this year, revolves the building dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. The report does not indicate that this new investigation from the ITC has anything to do with that first one, but it is indeed another major probe of Apple.

Unfortunately, the details remain very light at this point, so we will have to wait to see what comes out of his latest report and investigation by the U.S. ITC. Whether or not Apple will respond to this latest probe remains to be seen as well.

[via Reuters]

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