Vine Co-Founder Says he is Going to Work on a Follow-Up to the Popular App

Back in October of last year, it was announced that Twitter would be shutting down the popular video-sharing app, Vine.

Twitter acquired Vine in 2012, but, four years later, decided that it didn’t need the service around any longer. The six-second video sharing platform was hugely popular, even in 2016, so the news was pretty sad for many people. Since then, while Instagram now supports video, and Snapchat grew in popularity, it still doesn’t feel like the Vine-shaped hole has been filled.

But that could be changing at some point in the future. The co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, announced today via Twitter that he would start work on a “follow-up to vine.” He goes on to say that he’s been feeling like it’s about time to do that, and that he’s received plenty of feedback from folks (via DMs, tweets, and by other means) saying that it’s probably time, too.

Unfortunately, Hofmann’s tweet doesn’t actually include any details on what a follow-up to Vine might be. The options are pretty wide open, considering we don’t know anything just yet. Will Hofmann try to replicate the Vine formulae down to the T? Will we see the resurgence of six-second videos through our social media feeds some time soon? The sky is the limit.

We do know that Hofmann will be funding the project, whatever it may turn out to be, himself, so that will also keep the doors of possibility open, too.

What would you like to see from a follow-up to Vine? Are you excited about the possibilities?

[via @dhof]