Watch iPhone X Run Windows 95 and Play Simcity 2000 in This Video

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We have already seen previous versions of iPhones running Windows 95 or Windows XP using an emulator. Now using the same trick, YouTuber Hacking Jules has managed to get Windows 95 up and running on the iPhone X.

Even better, the YouTuber goes ahead and plays Simcity 2000 on his phone as well.

It is fascinating to see the iPhone X run Windows 95 — an operating system that is almost two decades old at this point. When Windows 95 was around, none of the PCs running it were as powerful as the iPhone X is today despite being a fraction of their size.

If you own an iPhone X and want to run Windows 95 on your iPhone X, you will need to use the Power DOS application. In addition, you will also need to be familiar with DOS so that you can get Windows 95 up and running on your smartphone.

To be honest though, if you own an iPhone X and feel like playing a game, you should head over to the App Store and download games like Monument Valley 2 and Asphalt 8 which offer a better gameplay and graphical experience than Simcity 2000 would now.

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