AirPods Shipping Estimates Slip to Early January Before Holiday Season

Apple largely managed to mitigate the supply issues of AirPods and managed to bring its shipping estimates down to 3-5 days earlier this year. However, likely due to the heavy Christmas demand, AirPods availability has again slipped and now you won’t get them before early next year.

Apple now estimates the AirPods delivery time between first to second week of January which is likely going to frustrate many customers who were looking to order the AirPods as a last minute Christmas gift for their loved ones. Other retailers are not doing any better, with almost all of them having the AirPods back ordered until at least January.

If you desperately need to get your hands on the AirPods before Christmas, you can try your luck at some of the nearby Apple retail stores and Best Buy outlets. But again, given how popular the AirPods are as a Christmas gift, you are not going to get one easily.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had revealed back in August that the company had increased the production of AirPods to meet its demand. The increased production did lead to the shipping estimates of the AirPods dropping to only 3-5 days — the lowest yet since their release. However, the spike in demand for the AirPods due to the holiday rush seems to have again created an imbalance between its supply and demand.

Other Apple products that you can consider gifting to your loved ones and which are in stock on Apple’s online store include the Apple TV, the BeatsX wireless earbuds, Apple Watch bands and more.

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