Amazon Prime Apple TV App Launch Imminent as It Makes Brief Appearance on App Store

Earlier this year, Apple had announced that the Amazon Prime app would be making its debut on the Apple TV. Now, it looks like the launch of the app is imminent as a Redditor caught Apple teasing the app on the App Store.

Redditor studio1burbank after setting the date on his iPhone to December 6 (i.e. tomorrow) opened the App Store where he saw a banner for the Amazon Prime Video in the “Today” section.

This likely hints at Apple releasing the Amazon Prime app on the App Store tomorrow. The Amazon Prime video app for Apple TV was first announced at WWDC this year where the Cupertino company had said that the app would launch later this year.  There were rumors of the app launching in late September but that did not pan out.

When it is released, the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV will have support for 4K streaming as well as HDR videos on the 4K Apple TV. Once the app makes its way to the Apple TV, the streaming box from Apple would end up having access to all major streaming services and platforms.

Amazon Prime Video costs $99 per year in the United States and provides one with access to hundreds of TV shows, movies and original programming from Amazon. It also has other perks including early access to deals on Amazon and 1-day shipping for free.

[Via Reddit]

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