Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV Launched

Months after the initial announcement and an accidental slip on Apple’s part, Amazon has finally made its Prime Video app for tvOS available for download through the App Store. The app is compatible with the third and fourth generation Apple TV along with the Apple TV 4K.

The Prime Video app for tvOS is a completely new app and is not being rolled out as an update to the existing Prime Video app for iOS. Incidentally, the app is being rolled out just a couple of days before the season 2 of Amazon’s The Grand Tour makes its way to Prime Video. The existing Prime Video app for iOS also got an update to v5.0 which adds iPhone X support. It also adds Universal Search support to Spotlight on iOS, though it is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and Sweden.

With the Prime Video app now making its way to the Apple TV, the streaming box from Apple now supports all major streaming services and platforms. While Amazon has its own streaming devices that compete with the Apple TV, they don’t support all streaming services, with YouTube being the most notable video streaming service that has decided to pull support for its streaming services on Fire TV stick and Echo Show.

Amazon’s Prime subscription costs $99 in the U.S. and provides one with access to a vast library of video content for streaming along with access to early deals and other benefits on

Download: Amazon Prime Video