Amazon’s Prime Video Was the Most Downloaded Apple TV App in Its Launch Week

Prime Video tvOS

At the beginning of this month, Amazon released its much-awaited Prime Video app for the Apple TV. While the app itself was poorly done, that has still not stopped it from being the most downloaded app in its launch week in the history of the tvOS App Store.

This was revealed by an Amazon spokesperson in a statement to BestAppleTV. Apple or Amazon did not reveal any actual download numbers but considering the tvOS App Store is pretty young and only consists of thousands of apps, the download numbers are likely modest in comparison to the iOS App Store.

“Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world — it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the history of tvOS” — an Amazon spokesperson told BestAppleTV.

Amazon’s Prime Video app is available for the fourth-generation and fifth-generation Apple TV units. Amazon and Apple also made the app available for the third-generation Apple TV.

The Prime Video app has been criticised by many for its slow and difficult to navigate user interface, with some digging pointing to the app essentially acting as a web wrapper. This poor experience has still not stopped the Prime Video app from being a hit among Apple TV owners. After all, the app provides one with a vast library of content which includes some 4K HDR titles and TV shows like ‘The Grand Tour.’

[Via BestAppleTV]