Analyst Declares iPhone the ‘Best-Selling Tech Product of 2017’

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It’s the end of the year, and since we live in a society where a winner has to be declared in just about anything, we’re starting to see that Apple may come out on top before the end of the year.

Just recently we saw data that showed us that, as far as holiday activations are concerned, Apple easily earned that crown. And now an analyst has weighed in, going as far as to say that Apple has earned the title of “Best-Selling Tech Product of 2017.” That analyst is Daniel Ives out of GBH Insights, sharing the information with USA Today.

Apple earned that specific trophy back in 2016, too, and Ives says that the company managed to sell 223 million iPhones through the course of 2017. To compare that to last year, it’s quite the impressive boost, as Apple sold 211 million iPhones in that stretch of time. And, if you’re curious how the competition fared according to Ives’s data, then Samsung came in second with 33 million Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 devices sold in 2017, the Amazon Echo Dot in third with 24 million sold, the Apple Watch in fourth place with 20 million devices sold, and the Nintendo Switch sold 15 million units to come in fifth.

“But all in all, Apple sold more iPhones total, although less than the peak year of 2015, when it moved 230 million units. (That was the year of the iPhone 6, a redesign that brought a bigger iPhone to consumers for the first time and enthralled the public.)

Ives thinks Apple will have an even bigger 2018, with a spring update to its compact SE iPhone and more new phones in the fall. Out of the billion-plus consumer base of the iPhone, “350 million of them will upgrade next year,” says Ives.”

If the data is accurate, and there is no real reason to think it isn’t, then Apple not only had a strong holiday stretch, but also a solid year.

Our Take

This isn’t too surprising, considering it is Apple we’re talking about and the iPhone continues to be a popular product. Of course, the numbers are what draw the most attention, with Apple selling so many iPhones, both generally speaking and when compared to the competition’s numbers. Just thinking about the difference between 223 million and 33 million is legitimately eyebrow raising.

[via USA Today]

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