Apple Boosts Mac Trade-In Values up to $2,500

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If you’ve got a Mac that you want to trade-in, whether to get a new machine or just to offload some hardware, Apple has just boosted Mac trade-in values.

Apple has had a longstanding trade-in program for its own products, making it easy for would-be customers to trade in their old pieces of technology to get something new. And while there might be better places to trade your stuff into, based on returned value, Apple is boosting its own values up to $2,500, which might make them another option to consider.

“Simply tell us about your current Mac or PC to get an estimate. Then mail in your computer for free and choose how you’d like to receive your credit – with an Apple Store Gift Card, a Visa gift card, or a deposit in your PayPal account. It’s that easy.”

At the time of this writing, the early-2016 base model 12-inch MacBook trades in for $455 right now, and that can be paid out either via an Apple Store gift card, through a PayPal account, or a virtual Visa card.

Courtesy of MacRumors, here are the new trade-in values after the bump:

  • MacBook: up to $1,110
  • MacBook Air: up to $430
  • MacBook Pro: up to $2,500
  • iMac: up to $2,500
  • Mac Pro: up to $1,560

You will still need to visit the third-party company that Apple has partnered with to handle trade-ins, which is Phobio. Once you visit that site you will need to enter your Mac’s serial number, and then answer a series of questions regarding the quality of the machine you’re trading in, including whether or not it powers on.

You’ll get a quote and then you’ll need to send in the Mac. Once it is inspected and verified, you’ll receive the quoted value by the means you selected during the process.

Have you ever traded in something with Apple before?

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