Apple Marks the 2011 Mac Mini As Obsolete

Starting from November 30, 2017 Apple has marked its 2011 Mac mini lineup as obsolete and vintage. This means that Apple’s service centers and authorized partners will no longer repair the 2011 Mac mini.

The 2011 Mac mini was the first in Apple’s Mac mini lineup to feature a Thunderbolt port and give the DVD drive a miss.

Now that Apple has marked the 2011 Mac mini as obsolete, you cannot get it repaired from an authorised Apple service center. Due to consumer laws in California and Turkey, consumers in these parts of the world can still get their Mac mini repaired from Apple.

Apple had last updated the Mac mini in 2014 but the last meaningful update to one of the cheapest Macs in Apple lineup was in 2012. While Apple has not updated its Mac mini lineup in over three years now, it has not killed the lineup either and still continues to sell the 2014 Mac mini model.

As of now, its still unclear if Apple will ever update its Mac mini lineup again or not, though Tim Cook did recently hint at the Mac mini being an important part in Apple’s future Mac lineup.

[Via MacRumors]

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