Apple Announces Apple Pay Cash is Now Available in the United States

iOS 11 Apple Pay Cash 4

In a pretty unprecedented move, Apple released iOS 11.2 to the public last Saturday, which was primarily meant to fix some software issues present in the previous version of the mobile operating system.

The update, however, was also meant to introduce new features to iOS devices, including faster wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. The biggest new addition, however, was the inclusion of Apple Pay Cash, a quick and easy way for iOS users to make peer-to-peer money transfers right from iMessage.

Since then, the rollout of Apple Pay Cash has been spotty at best. Some folks already had it after installing iOS 11.2, while others didn’t appear to have the feature on their supported devices. This writer didn’t get the feature until yesterday, for instance. But now Apple has announced that the feature is now available to all iOS 11.2 users in the United States.

“Beginning today, Apple customers in the US can use Apple Pay to send and receive money with friends and family quickly, easily and securely. Whether splitting a bill, paying someone back or sending a last-minute gift, Apple Pay makes it easy to pay and get paid, right in Messages.

Apple Pay is now the simplest and most convenient way to make person to person payments on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Apple customers already use iMessage to communicate with friends and family, and now they can get paid right within those everyday conversations, or by just asking Siri to pay someone. They can use the debit and credit cards they already have added to Apple Pay, so there’s no need to install an app or create yet another account.”

If you want a quick rundown on how to use Apple Pay Cash, check out this link.

Are you excited to try out Apple Pay Cash?

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