Apple Starts Selling SIM-Free iPhone X in the United States

iPhone X model number

Apple has now started selling an unlocked and SIM-free variant of the iPhone X in the United States. This means that customers in the U.S. can now purchase an iPhone without having to select a carrier.

Similar to other models of the handset, the SIM-free model also has a 1-week shipping estimate. The SIM-free unlocked model works on all four major carriers in the United States: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. This means that it comes with the superior Qualcomm modem which offers faster LTE speeds and slightly improved battery life as per tests conducted.

Prices for the SIM-free variant remain the same as the unlocked carrier variants: the 64GB variant starts at $999 while the 256GB variant is priced at $1,149.

Apple was already selling the unlocked variant of the iPhone X through the major carriers in the United States. The only difference between the unlocked variant and the SIM-free variant is that the former needs to be purchased through a carrier and still comes with a SIM card, while the latter lacks one and can be purchased directly through Apple.

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