Apple Supplier Quanta Signs a Deal with Lumus to Manufacture Lenses for Smart AR Glasses

One of Apple’s primary manufacturing partner, Quanta Computer, has reached a deal with AR component maker Lumus Ltd. to make lenses for smart AR glasses.

Quanta had previously invested $45 million in Lumus in late 2016.

Lumus already designs displays for AR glasses and with this deal with Quanta, it will allow the latter to manufacture these lenses which could then be sold to leading consumer tech companies. Apple is already among the biggest clients of Quanta Computer so this agreement is likely to benefit the Cupertino company the most.

“This means that the most expensive key enabling technology in the AR glasses teardown will now be affordably priced, effectively bringing down the overall cost of consumer AR glasses,” Grobman said in an interview. “Quanta has suggested that full AR headsets would be priced for less than the cost of a high-end cell phone. That’s a big deal.”

A previous report had detailed that Apple plans to finish its AR tech by 2019 and launch it to consumers by 2020. The smart AR glasses from the company would feature its own custom designed chip and ‘rOS’ which would be based on iOS and feature its own dedicated App Store. Apple’s plans regarding its smart AR glasses are still in early stages of development and can possibly change. Nonetheless, this deal between Quanta and Lumus will pave the way for smart glasses to become a reality sooner than later.

[Via Bloomberg]

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