Apple to Start Selling iMac Pro through Retail Stores From next Week; RAM Can Be Upgraded by Apple

The new powerful iMac Pro from Apple went up for sale from earlier today. For now, the powerful yet sleek workstation can only be purchased through Apple’s online store, with most of the models shipping by the end of this year.

If you were looking to buy the iMac Pro from one of Apple’s authorised stores, you will have to wait a wee bit longer as Apple will only start selling the machine through its retail stores from the middle of next week. This also means that Apple will have the iMac Pro display models in at least some of its retail stores from next week.

If you are looking to save some moolah though, you can look at buying the iMac Pro from one of the selected authorised Apple resellers who have already started accepting pre-orders for the iMac Pro. Retailers like B&H and Expercom don’t charge sales tax when shipped to certain parts of the US which can translate into savings of anywhere between $300 to $1000 if you end up buying the top-spec’d model. You will, however, have to wait to get your hands on the iMac Pro with shipping estimates varying between 4-8 weeks depending on the model you buy.

The iMac Pro already comes with plenty of RAM but in case you want to upgrade it down the line, you can do so from an Apple Authorised Service Provider or an Apple Store. Upgrading to 64GB RAM will cost you $800, while a 128GB RAM upgrade will cost you a staggering $2,400. Other components of the iMac Pro are not modular and cannot be upgraded.

The iMac Pro has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from YouTubers and other professionals who were sent a unit by Apple. The machine packs a lot of power despite its sleek design and is the first proper ‘pro’ Mac from Apple after the 2013 Mac Pro which packs a punch. The lack of upgradeability is a bit of a bummer but then Apple does have a new modular Mac Pro coming next year to address that.

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