Apple TV App Rolling Out in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France

In October of last year, Apple officially unveiled its TV app, a new way for the company to integrate a variety of video content all in one place.

At the time, the app and its features were only unveiled for users in the United States. But that is now starting to change, according to folks in other countries, more than a year later. As first reported by MacRumors, people have taken to Twitter to express their excitement that the TV app is now showing up for them in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany:

The app is available for fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV set-top boxes, and it is also appearing on the iPhone (running iOS 11.2) and iPad. However, it is worth noting that some folks, as mentioned in the tweet above, that it is not showing up for all of their devices at the same time. When it does go live for Apple users, it will integrate local content providers, as it does in the United States.

This is not the first time that the Apple TV app has expanded beyond the United States after its initial launch in December of last year. It first made its way to Apple users in Australia and Canada in September of this year. As for what’s next for the app and its availability, Apple has said that it will launch the service in Sweden and Norway before the end of the year (along with France, Germany, and the UK).

How often do you use the Apple TV app?

[via MacRumors; @daviddarrencox]

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