Apple Rebrands the iTunes Movies Twitter Account to @AppleTV

Today is a big day for Apple TV, both the set-top box and the Apple TV app, now that the Amazon Prime Video app is officially available.

Apple has officially rebranded its old iTunes Movies Twitter account to match the Apple TV app, now labeling it @AppleTV. As it stands right now, at the time of publication, the Twitter account has only posted one official tweet of its own, while the rest of the feed is currently just retweets of the official iTunes Twitter account (@iTunes).

Unsurprisingly, the one tweet the account has released today relates to the Apple TV app, which is available on the set-top box of the same name, and iOS devices. The effort for Apple has been to make a one-stop shop for all of your digital video content (which expanded in a big way thanks to Disney’s Movie Anywhere platform), and now it has a Twitter account that will help with any issues that may crop up for users, and more than likely spread the word on new content.

There is a video that is included with the tweet not only shows off the app, but also the arrival of Amazon Prime Video — which officially launched today (finally). It also shows off that the Apple TV app supports live sports, which will help fans keep tabs on their favorite teams without having to jump from different apps.

At some point in the future, Apple will also be adding a News section, but there’s no word on when that might actually launch.

How often do you use the Apple TV app?

[via @AppleTV]

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